Remnants of Dawn

Between the Dungeons part 1
"caravan" "gargengrim" "Twilight company"

The party sees a caravan in the distance and after approaching is brought before Thurr Gargengrim, a dwarf merchant and caravan boss, and Anxel Medros, a drow representative of the Twilight Company. The caravan is heading past the path to spellgard so the party can hire on as guards or buy safe passage. Afterward they pass the Reverse Obelisks and meet a crazed half dead rogue with a piece of paper explaining a treasure at [[Jortay’s Folly]]. then they arrive.

Crazy Wizard

p((.In their first mission the PCs are charged with finding a spell lens in one of the numerous ruins of ancient Netheril littering the desert. They are given a locator wand and charged with finding the remaining piece of the spell array, a magical artillery piece.

p((.Upon entering the ruin they find it occupied, by kobolds, and a demented wizard who controls them.

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